It is said, the spotted frog has a life span of five years. If we had such a fleeting moment here, would it not inspire you to LIVE your life authentically? Would each moment not carry immense richness in gratitude, passion and love? Would you not wake up every morning, enjoying the colors, indulging in the tastes, intensely appreciating the songs of nature and be at peace of who you really are? Live AN INSPIRED LIFE. This is our philosophy, and this is why we are called The Spotted Frog.


Established in 2008, The Spotted Frog is a furniture and interior design boutique. We are a multi-passionate company obsessed about offering only the most beautiful collection of giftware, home décor, high quality Canadian made custom furniture, full professional interior design services to inspire you. We believe that when we create an inspirational environment, we can ignite the Spirit which in turn will empower you to set the world ablaze and make a difference in the world. It’s about embracing your true self in the face of adversities and encouraging you to unleash your abilities that only your uniqueness can bring.