Dough bowls have been used for centuries in the making of bread every day. Bringing rustic charm, this large scale, versatile decor bowl can be styled on a coffee table, console table, counter or dining table. Change the fillers to reflect the different seasons or serve food in it!

These handcrafted wooden dough bowls are handmade in small batches by The Beauty Revival based in Grand Prairie, Alberta. Each dough bowl is unique due to their handcrafted nature. No two will be exactly alike. Our dough bowls come with loads of homespun charm. You can expect to find knots, cracks, and divots unique to each bowl.

NOTE: If you intend to use your dough bowl to store food please wait 30 days upon its arrival so the stain has time to soak into your dough bowl and will then be food safe. The dough bowls may have a strong odour from the stain, as they are left without a sealant applied to give them a raw rustic look. This will evaporate after a couple weeks.

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