Why Choose Us?

The Spotted Frog is an award winning, interior design boutique that prides itself for its eclectic infused, West Coast portfolio and unwavering commitment to customer experience.  Specializing in luxury residential design, we create curated spaces tailored uniquely to each client.  While obsessing about your dreams, lifestyle, and personality we bring to life spaces that exude function, beauty and harmonious flow.

Whether you’re looking to decorate, renovate, or custom build a new home, let us take care of the attention to details while you take the full credit for the brilliant and inspiring work!

Our design philosophy is to maximize your happiness by minimizing stresses through methodical planning. To ensure this is achieved, we aren’t afraid of stepping on toes to protect our design integrity. If you appreciate passionate, seasoned professionals who are respectful of your lifestyle needs, embrace your personality, and use liberal doses of humour throughout the design process then make the call and book a consultation with us!


Founder and Creative Director Huong is responsible for the brand look of the award winning furniture and home decor boutique as well as managing the interior design projects to ensure quality client experience are consistently delivered. Backed with a Bachelors in Business Administration from Simon Fraser University, Huong has professionally honed her interior design skills at a renowned, global leader in the home furnishing industry in various strategic, management positions over a span of eight years.  In 2008, Huong founded The Spotted Frog and has been fusing these technical skills with home construction knowledge to apply it to residential designs.  When you meet Huong, it’s hard not to be energized by her passion for beautiful spaces. Her extensive experience includes styling, decorating, renovating and designing custom luxury homes.  Huong’s signature look is a dynamic space innovatively mixed with various styles.  She loves injecting color, patterns and textures to create a bold and highly unique space.  Because quality residential design is defined by trusted relationships, Huong’s down-to-earth and engaging communication style will ensure that the design process is not only transparent but approachable as well.