How successful a project is will be defined by the positive chemistry and trust you have with your interior design partner. To ensure we’re a strong fit for you, we’ll schedule a complimentary, no obligation appointment in store with an interior designer to assess the compatibility and feasibility of your project. During this 30-60 minute appointment, you have an opportunity to discuss your needs, ask us about our credentials, experience level and working process. In return, we will discuss important details such as the overall budget for the project and expected timeline. Once you’re confident we’re a “fit” for you, then we can provide you with a detailed quote for our interior design fees to accomplish the needs that have been requested.


Once you have approved the quote and would like to move forward on your project, a 50% retainer fee and signed contract will be required prior to any work commencing. Should more hours are required during the execution of the project, we will get confirmed approval before moving forward so you will never be surprised by our fees.


We’ll schedule an initial consultation onsite to assess in depth your needs. During this meeting we’ll tour your space, review your lifestyle needs, design aesthetics, discuss your budget and timeline and take any required measurements. To maintain the highest level of design integrity, we partner with industry professionals that consistently deliver on the same quality and customer service level that we’re proud of. If required, we’ll be more than happy to recommend our preferred contractors to quote on your project to ensure you have the best value for your investment.


From our extensive assessment, floor plans, construction plans and specification of materials are created for final approval. You will have all the information documented in a Materials Specification Booklet and supporting CAD construction plans required for implementation!